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Christine Grube, left, of Racine, received final city approvals on Tuesday to open her home-based A-1 Safe Cab company. Shown with Grube on Friday outside her residence near Ostergaard Avenue and 16th Street are Grube’s son, Trayce, who will be a driver for the company in the future, and operations manager and daytime driver Peter Diaz. Grube has one car on the road and another ready for when business increases. The car in use now, a Chevrolet Impala, was a mock police car used in movies, she said. For more information about the company, call 262-977-8828.


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RACINE — A local woman has started a new taxi cab company to try to ease what she perceives as a shortage of public transportation options.

On Tuesday, Christine Grube got final approvals from the city to open her home-based A-1 Safe Cab. She has one car on the road so far and another in waiting for when business picks up.

Grube didn't necessarily need a second job; her day job is packaging coordinator for Merz Aesthetics, 1340 Grandview Parkway in Yorkville.

However, she said: "From everyone I have talked to, there's not enough public transportation (in Racine)." She regularly sees people standing at a bus stop near her home and imagines they might prefer an affordable cab ride.



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